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Volunteering in Kvæfjord

Kvæfjord Volunteer Center is a meeting place that provides contacts between people in the local community and an arena for volunteer work, which will primarily create and create good meeting places in the local community.

We emphasize interdisciplinary cooperation with organizations, teams / associations and the public sector. The center should be an active supporter to create a good and vibrant local environment. Anyone who wishes to contact is welcome regardless of age, gender and ethnicity.

We help you to contribute and implement what you want to do so our activities depend on the needs and wishes of the locals, as well as your resources and ideas.

- Do you want to spend some of your time with others?
- Want to meet new people?
- Would you like to put your ideas and ideas into practice?


The volunteer center is a place where the pleasure of using yourself is the payment you receive.

Only imagination limits what can be done voluntarily.

Internasjonal dag
Lær fra flerkulturelle miljø
Internasjonal dag
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